Bamboo Preview Send Grid emails

As the title mentions, the Bamboo.SentEmailViewerPlug won’t work when using SendGrid and dynamic templates.
There are 2 open issues regarding that on Bamboo github (SentEmailViewerPlug shows empty emails with Dynamic Templates & LocalAdapter · Issue #633 · thoughtbot/bamboo · GitHub and Bamboo.SentEmailViewerPlug with SendGrid Dyanmic Templates · Issue #619 · thoughtbot/bamboo · GitHub).
I tried looking into the Plug and making a similar one but haven’t managed to figure out how to get the send grid template.
My question here is:
Has anyone faced and solved (or found anything relevant regarding) this issue?
If not, are you aware of any other language/framework (rails or django maybe) where there is a preview for sendgrid emails? I could try making it from there, I checked for Rails but I think with ActionMailer the logic is different.

Thanks in advance!

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This may not solve your problem, however I would not rely on Sendgrid more than necessary.

There are good emails resources out there, like mjml or maizzle. I can design the email any way I want, then I can turn the html into a template. EEX should work,; however, it may be too Elixir-y for this task. I have used bbmustache for email templating with good result.


Yeah, it doesn’t solves it but those are some very interesting options, thanks!
I marked it as a solution as in a future project I might just go for those instead, unfortunately for my specific case it’s not an option.
RoR also lacks this “feature” so I believe it might simply be impossible to have that preview.