Bare minimum for an app doing periodic repetive tasks in background

I want to create a simple application which would have no UI, nothing and would do periodic repetive tasks in background. For instance, once per hour, everything would take a few minutes. Nothing else.

I know how to create a phoenix app. I don’t need Phoenix here.

It can be in Elixir or in Erlang also.

How would I go about that?

I would go for…

$ mix new my_project --sup

Just a normal Elixir project, with a supervision tree.

I like quantum. The configuration is similar to a linux cron job so it’s easy to understand when it will trigger

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You could make an hourly OS cronjob which calls ‘elixir script.exs’ or calls a compiled self-contained Elixir CLI escript.

I figure the literal bare minimum would be useful here. You can use Process.send_after with a GenServer handler. documents it well.