Basic linting in Vim

Hello! Is there a simple solution to get vim to detect simple coding errors like undefined variables or missing comma? Everything I found so far seem to rely on LSP which sounds a bit overkill for my needs. Is there a pure vimscript plugin based on Elixir standard tooling?

I think you didn’t get much of a response because your question seems strange.

You want to parse elixir, which is what the language server does for you, but you don’t want to use LSP, which is the way to use the language server from in vim. So you want something else that can parse elixir other than the language server, but you want to do it with “Elixir standard tooling”. It’s a bit of a contradiction.


Thank you for your reply. I was feeling a bit lonely indeed :slight_smile:

You see, mix compile is able to report a bunch of useful warning, CompileError or SyntaxError messages by itself so I imagine that it relies on a parser (part of “Elixir standard tooling”) that could be invoked from a lightweight Vim plugin without depending on Microsoft technologies. Maybe I have misconceptions about LSP. I imagine it as some heavyweight monstrosity tied to Microsoft technologies that is going to eat all my memory and storage space (exaggeration intended funny). I guess I should give it a go and find out for myself. I just wanted to know if there was a simpler alternative.

LSP is working great in Neovim, it’s integrated into the core now and very fast! Not sure about Vim8 though.


LSP is merely a standard; there are tons of implementations and they aren’t made by Microsoft (if that’s so important for you).

Also it’s really hard to get any simpler than LSP. tree-sitter perhaps, but that’s not doing the same thing.

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I tried using ale with mix only but couldn’t get it working. I also couldn’t see where to start to make it work with elixir-ls. Then I found vim-elixirls which helps integrating ale with elixir-ls. It even provides a Vim command to download and compile elixir-ls. From my initial testing it seems to work very well. I like that it’s compatible with the original Vim and doesn’t require to install Node.js.


Thank you all for sharing your knowledge and letting me embrace the power of LSP :slight_smile:

Turns out elixir-ls doesn’t check .exs files, so no linting for my tests :frowning:

Well, it can’t. They are run in an arbitrary order and are not compiled (before they get run anyway).

Auto-formatting however still works.

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