Be the first Developer at a new FinTech

Founding Elixir Engineer - Bay Area, Raleigh or Remote, USA

True ground floor opportunity to be employee #4 in a FinTech startup with a proven management team that’s built successful companies and also been SVP level at Google, SAP, TIBCO, Autodesk and Barclays bank. The team has raised money several million USD from high profile VCs on a winning market opportunity and strategy. We are working with multiple customers helping to transition our MVP prototype to a real product, and need your help.

About us

Bryan Kester
Chief Product Officer
Company name: rtzen
Website: Coming
Country: USA
Company info and history:
What we have now is an MVP we in Elixir. We want someone to come in, push it forward and help us build a team around you. We’re agile, iterative and BS-free.

About the job

Job title: Whatever works best
Job description: Help us build, ship, iterate, scale. May or may not involved customer contact, that’s really your preference
Salary range: Market competitive with generous founding engineer equity
Position on remote work:
Qualifications or experience required: Have built a production Elixir app or product
What the successful job applicant will be working on: Everything full stack. The MVP is PETAL.

About the interview process

You would talk to me first. Then our CTO who’s a banking systems expert. Then our CEO. Then done.

Further info