Beacon CMS, how to get started?

Is there any real example or guide for getting started with beacon CMS?

I’ve tried the setup guide in the repository, I can get it to boot up and everything.

Following screenshot is from the “Local Development” section of the README,
but it looks the same for the other app I configured.

Is this how it supposed to look? I cant find any material or screenshots or written documentation so I do not know what to expect.

(I’m running on Phoenix 1.7.0.rc2 and beaconCMS from master, is it is on the edge…).

So we’re still considered pre-release and there be dragons, etc, etc. But it is use-able just not all of the finishing touches are there yet and it can be confusing. In the meantime we have a demo app to show the architecture stuff: GitHub - BeaconCMS/beacon_demo: Sample application running Beacon, a open-source content management system (CMS) built with Phoenix LiveView.


That screenshot is from running mix dev on the beacon repo, correct? To have a better understanding of how an actual site would look like, please check out the beacon_demo as Brian has mentioned. Currently there are 2 ways to create new pages, one is using the Admin which is under development as we speak and the other one is by running seeds to create layouts, pages, and so on. You can find an example at beacon_demo/beacon_seeds.exs at c57f60c1cedeb8f9518d671d4c96c43ef7967d57 · BeaconCMS/beacon_demo · GitHub
Soon we’ll be releasing more guides (beacon/guides at main · BeaconCMS/beacon · GitHub) and docs to make this process easier.

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Thanks for your fast replies, much appreciated.
I found this article and it piqued my interrest since I’m on the hunt for a CMS, preferably in Elixir since it is my stack of choice.

From what I can gather so far it is not quite ready for my “non-engineering stakeholders” yet :relaxed:

We’re working on a drag & drop Page Builder that is targeted to “non-engineering stakeholders”, but it’s going to be a while before it’s ready.

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Hello - based on this thread, I imagined beginners may be helped by seeing some of the main onboarding issues, all in one place. I’m happy to help on these as I learn more regarding Elixir and Phoenix.