BEAM Devroom at FOSDEM Talks

Talks from the Erlang, Elixir and Friends devroom are already up!

We can find all talks at the BEAM FOSDEM website which @dcaixinha kindly put up :purple_heart:. Also available at the fosdem site.

You may find the individual talks here:

Just watched Processes & Grains A Journey in Orleans, a very entertaining talk in which Evadne Wu explores the spirit of Elixir Processes and Orleans Grains using the always fun Game of Life.


Should we use this same thread to announce them on the forums?
Thank you so much @AstonJ! :grin:


Moved to a dedicated thread :003:


Woo, awesome to see this :slight_smile:

Related links:

Erleans example in Elixir:


Thanks @tristan for the amazing library, I can see how grains can be simpler to reason about and more eronomic to use. Do you think they’re better suited for certain tasks comparing them to “plain Genservers”?

I have heard that it helps when moving data/computation in a cluster, but I’m yet wrapping my mind around Grains.

Right, grains are for specific cases and certain tasks, not a replacement for genservers.

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Hey @chouzar, great to know you’ve enjoyed the talk!

For reference, the videos from the other talks are already up in the BEAM FOSDEM website (except for @Qqwy’s video which is still being edited :frowning_face:). You can also find them on the FOSDEM website obviously, but in this page you can see all the talks in one place. Hope you all enjoy – we had really amazing speakers and talks :star:


Hey all! Just to let you know that after a couple of months of waiting, the video of my talk (‘Going Meta with Elixir Macros’) is finally also finished and uploaded. Hooray!


I can’t see it… There is just a stub player, like when a youtube link is broken… The other videos in the linked list are loading properly.

Do you have a direct link to the video?

@NobbZ it should be fixed now. But in any case, here is a direct link. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I can see the video now!

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