Belethors General Mods: recreate the skyrim modding resource G.E.M.S


we, the Belethors General Mods team, gathered after G.E.M.S. went down and its creator disappeared. G.E.M.S. was a useful resource for modding The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
Our aim is to recreate it. This time, not one person will control what is published, but a group of trusted ones.

We choose our stack (phoenix + postgresql) and laid out the basic software architecture.
For more information check out our docs on github.

The source code should be public, so should we disappear one day, others can take our place easy. We also plan on publishing backups of data (cleaned from personal information, ofc).

The idea is to write software that makes it easy for a group of trusted users to publish well-tested mod lists together.
We program in Elixir on a standardized phoenix stack.

Our project is a little slow in development, but we make steady progress and we put effort into growing, so development will speed up over time.
If you want to help, give feedback or just lurk, please join our Discord: Belethor's General Mods

The BGM Team


Hi - I’m getting 404s when trying to view the github repo.


ah, sorry. I had a typo in one link.
Fixed it.