Best CI CD for Phoenix Framework

Dear all,
After deploying into VPS, I need to make my App fast getting update by CI CD (Continuous Integration, Continues Development), but I don’t know how to do that and what the best CI CD service that can handle it

I have the most familiarity with Gitlab’s CI but GitHub actions seems very similar. I think the term “best” is very subjective because it really depends on how you plan to deploy your app or what operating systems are available for your VPS. Elixir needs to be compiled for your target system regardless of whether you’re deploying the source files and compiling or you compile releases.

I don’t know your vps provider to make further recommendations but if it’s like mine, Digital Ocean, you’d likely want something that can compile on Ubuntu. That’s likely the majority of them at this point. I would personally avoid Travis CI due to past behavior but Gitlab, GitHub, Circle CI, Semaphore, TeamCity, or Bamboo are probably all capable.

You may want to stick to Gitlab or GitHub because you can find a ton of example projects using them. You can start from those examples and adjust them instead of starting from scratch. That may not be your preferred learning method though and sometimes that approach creates more headaches if you’re not careful. For me it often saves a ton of time though, if everything goes smoothly.


Phoenix Project uses (with Github actions I think).


What’s wrong with GitHub actions? I successfully use it with all stacks I’m deploying, including Elixir/OTP. Fine VS Code integration included.

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