Best example for community-driven plugin marketplace (in Elixir)

I’m working on a platform that allows users to add apps and use them in a writing assistant browser extension (

Currently I’m building a system so the community can develop custom apps and publish them. I was looking at the Raycast Extensions (GitHub - raycast/extensions: Everything you need to extend Raycast.) as an example and they seem to be using a NodeJs runtime (instead of Swift) to reduce the barrier for people to contribute.

While I prefer to keep things in Elixir, I’m wondering if there is a limit on the number of developers who can contribute.

Can anyone here think of a good Elixir product that does something similar?

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Interesting idea

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Great idea btw. FWIW, as much as I love Elixir, I think you’d be better using JS too.

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Lua would be a good candidate. It’s similar to js which would benefit adoption and end-user friendlyness, and is easily sandboxable/embeddable in an elixir application (e.g. with exlua)


For anyone landing on this topic. I ended up using Typescript (Deno) thanks to GitHub - akoutmos/deno_ex: This Elixir library allows you to securely run JS/TS code via Deno.

Thank you @akoutmos!


The cool thing is that with Elixir i might be able to allow multiple languages. Lua is indeed interesting :bulb:

It sounds like your use case for anycursor is similar to my use case that I had in the past. I needed a way to run customer code but in an isolated and secure sandbox. Deno fit the bill perfectly for me given its focus on security and the ability to opt into additional runtime permissions.

Currently I primarily use DenoEx to leverage some Typescript libraries that I didn’t feel like implementing in Elixir :stuck_out_tongue:.

Let me know how it works out for you and feel free to provide feedback :slight_smile:.