Best practice in clearing an optional belongs_to relationship in LiveView?

I’m using inputs_for for the fields of a belongs_to relationship in a LiveView form. This works for updating individual values, but is there a way with this to remove the association? The best I can think of is to bubble up an event to my form_component asking it to add a change to the changeset to remove the association.

What You could do is add a virtual attribute (for example delete) and add a check in your changeset to see if it is set. Then just add a delete checkbox in the UI…

Something like this

  defp maybe_mark_for_deletion(%{data: %{id: nil}} = changeset), do: changeset
  defp maybe_mark_for_deletion(changeset) do
    if get_change(changeset, :delete),
      do: %{changeset | action: :delete},
      else: changeset

# And use it like this...
def changeset(...) do
  |> maybe_mark_for_deletion()
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Nice, that’s a solid solution for existing associations. I’m stumped on how to handle about-to-be-added associations though. It seems like the parent changeset would need to inspect this :delete attribute to clear out the pending data?

Check this article: One-to-Many liveview form.


You might use another virtual field, temp_id to distinguish new from existing.

The solution is also valid for one to many, and the article seems to use the same technique.

My source is this article…

This feels like the cleanest solution, but also one I was hoping to avoid. I wanted to make a self-contained component that I can drop in just like the other form components. But this requires any parent to implement several handlers to support the use of the component. But yeah I don’t see a cleaner way to do it.

Thanks everyone!