Best practices for testing LiveView

I’m curious as to what are the latest best practices when testing LiveView components? My app was on an old version straight from Github, before the official 0.x release. I started off by testing my components using mount/3 but that looks to have been deprecated. Having to run through the router might mean authenticating a user, which seems to distract from a more focused “unit” test.

I see now that we’re encouraged to make an actual call through the router to test the disconnected state:

use Phoenix.ConnTest
import Phoenix.LiveViewTest
@endpoint MyEndpoint

test "disconnected and connected mount", %{conn: conn} do
  conn = get(conn, "/my-path")
  assert html_response(conn, 200) =~ "<h1>My Disconnected View</h1>"

  {:ok, view, html} = live(conn)

My first question is, what was the motivation for switching from a more direct method of testing (getting the view and html via mount_disconnected/3) to running it through the router?

My next question is: is there still a way to test the disconnected state w/o going through the router?

Thanks for your advice!

I may have answered my own question: live_isolated/3.