Best way to render a template in phoenix minus conn

Hello, I am trying to render a template without using @conn. I’ve come up with this but it breaks where my default templates are stored in web. Is there a way to achieve this without creating a toplevel folder just for my partials?
I’m using drab like this:

 def show_invoice(socket, dom_sender) do

   invoice_id = socket |> select(:val, from: "#invoice_id")

   # build the invoice for job
   # get invoice
    invoice =  Broker.Repo.get_by(Broker.Invoice, id: invoice_id) |> Broker.Repo.preload(:customer)
    html =  Broker.InvoiceController.buildinvoicehtml(invoice)
   # create the html
     socket |> update(:html, set: html , on: "#main")

and the controller I’m calling

def buildinvoicehtml(invoice) do
    customer = invoice.customer |> Broker.Repo.preload(:profile)
     profile = customer.profile


defmodule Broker.PartialView do
  use Broker.Web, :view
  require EEx
    EEx.function_from_file :def, :invoice, "partials/invoice.html.eex", [:invoice, :customer]

Technically in a phoenix view you can call the render function directly without conn, or replacing conn with whatever you want, or just nil if you do not use it in your templates at all. Phoenix only puts it in the default call for ease of use in accessing @conn inside the templates but it is not necessary if you call it straight. :slight_smile:

The render functions are on your specific phoenix ‘View’ modules, the first argument is the ‘name’ of the template (like “blah.html” or whatever) and the second is the assigns as I recall, of which you can pass in whatever you want. :slight_smile:

i have tried this like

defmodule Broker.PageCommander do
use Drab.Commander
import Plug.Conn

def start_quote(socket,sender) do
addresslist = %{ beginaddress: xxx, endaddress: xxx,fromaddress: xxx, toaddress: xxx, beginaddressappt: xxx , endaddressappt: xxx  }

 html = Broker.PageController.buildaddresshtml(addresslist)
defmodule Broker.PageController do
  use Broker.Web, :controller
def buildaddresshtml(addresslist) do
  %{ beginaddress: beginaddress, endaddress: endaddress, toaddress: toaddress, fromaddress: fromaddress } = addresslist
  render nil, "address.html", beginaddress: beginaddress, endaddress: endaddress, toaddress: lastaddress, fromaddress: firstaddress

to access /web/templates/page/address.html
but the error i get is

failed with the following exception:
** (FunctionClauseError) no function clause matching in Plug.Conn.put_private/3 
    (plug) lib/plug/conn.ex:354: Plug.Conn.put_private(nil, :phoenix_template, "address.html")
    (phoenix) lib/phoenix/controller.ex:639: Phoenix.Controller.do_render/4

i have also tried importing plug.conn into the commander and passing Plug.Conn to the pagecontroller method as a conn var still the same error