Best way to upgrade Phoenix?

Currently, I have Phoenix version 1.2.1 installed. If I want to upgrade Phoenix on my Mac to version 1.2.3 or 1.3.0-rc.1, what would be the best to do this? Surprisingly, I couldn’t find much information on this. Also, are there any version management tools for Elixir/Phoenix like there are in Ruby?



Chris McCord made a guide, follow this instructions.


If you’re asking how to upgrade the phoenix new project installer, you can run mix local.phoenix (now mix local.phx as of RC) and it will grab the latest one and install it so your mix task will be up to date.


Thank you both for replying.

@chrismccord, that was what I was looking for and it worked like a charm. Way easier than I thought. Thank you!

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What is the best way to do minor upgrades like upgrading from 1.4.9 to 1.4.16?

You need to update your mix.exs file with the latest versions, then…

$ rm -rf _build/ deps/ mix.lock
$ mix deps.get
$ mix compile

In case You need to update javascript too, for live_view, You can…

$ rm -rf assets/node_modules
$ npm install --prefix assets/

Then run your tests to see if there is no breaking change :slight_smile: