Better Supervision Trees in 1.5 (and more!)

Exploring Elixir episode 3, and episode 3 Extra, are both out! In the main episode, we look at the new child_spec/1 function in Elixir 1.5 that makes creating supervision trees quite a bit nicer. It may look like a small feature at first, and in some ways it is, but it is one of those “bigger than it first looks” features imho.

In the Extra episode, there are new (and impressive!) 1.5/OTP20-vs-1.4/OTP18 benchmarks for records (tuples where the first element is an atom, such as {:ok, value}) thanks to a prod by @michalmuskala here on the forums, two more new features in Elixir 1.5 and OTP 20 (@impl and rand:jump), and address the possibility of an asciicast for future episodes.

Sorry to say, no asciicast with this episode … but next week is a new adventure. See you all then!

As usual, feedback and topic suggestions welcome.

p.s. I picked up a new, quieter, keyboard for this episode. I like having it in the background as it gives a “realtime” feel to it all, but I hope that it is now not so overwhelming and dominating in the audio. Let me know! (Looking at you @AstonJ :wink:


Awesome - much better :003: the only thing you need now is a pop filter :lol: (you can make one yourself out of a metal hanger and an old (or new) pair of tights) or can just be lazy and buy one - even the cheap ones should be fine.

You are doing a fantastic job on these screencasts Aaron :023: and I completely agree with your comments in the second one :slight_smile:


I actually have a proper pop filter buuut it ended up positioned unhelpfully during the recording … blaarg. Ah well, if there was nothing to improve, what ever would I do to stay entertained :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: sigh