Bind beam.smp to localhost

I am just deploying my first phoenix app. I have bound the server to the localhost interface and have it accessed by an nginx webserver. I also managed to bind epmd to the localhost interface.

However, beam.smp is listening not only to but also to at the public interface. Isn’t that a security issue? How can I bind that port also to localhost?



Distillery node defaults - should I be concerned about security? might be relevant.

tl;dr you might try to set config :kernel, inet_dist_use_interface: {127, 0, 0, 1}.

Note that remote shell (bin/<your_app> remote) might stop working after that change.


If you configure your firewall correctly - not at all.

But then I would have to configure a packet filter, which adds complexity and additional complexity means additional security holes.

I think its preferable to configure all the services, that don’t need to be public, to the local interface. Then you don’t need a packet filter at all.