Bitcoin library (for automating bitcoin transactions and inspection)

Is there a popular Elixir library or wrapper for interacting with the bitcoin network?

I’m aware of some Go and C++ libraries that are pretty solid, but since I’m pretty new to Elixir I was hoping to not have to tackle the interop topic yet :).

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A Bitcoin protocol parser library and full node implementation written in Elixir.

Current Status: Not even beta quality. Unstable Interfaces. Not recommended for any use except gross curiosity.

This is a weekend hack, your improvements and constructive criticisms are highly appreciated.

Not fully fleshed but you could take a look


A fresher repo:


Bitcoin script and protocol tools plus a full node implementation written in Elxir.

It’s still work in progress, not suitable for any kind of usage. Contributions and comments are of course very much welcome, but if you want to jump in, I’d suggest to get in touch (through github issues) because all APIs are still evolving.

Project is a fork of Justin Lynn’s Bitcoin-Ex which contained excellent protocol parsers and DNS peer discovery.

Opinionated interface to Bitcoin core JSON-RPC API. Currently in MVP mode: architecture is ready and stable, doesn’t fully implement all of the RPC commands yet, although this would be trivial to do. Open an issue (or better yet, create a pull request) if you want to see more functionality added.



Hope you found one, in case you’re still searching… try BitcoinLib