Blacktango: preforming actions via CLI in a distributed API world

Hi all,

i just wanted to share this project i have in WIP:

I have used the neuronal Graphql client for the GitHub apiv4.

The goal of the project would be to perform some action via API and CLI, using different API (GitHub is 1st at moment).

Feel free to drop an issue for ideas, or if you think that i’m not using the best elixir/functional way of doing things. I think for sure some parts can be improved, even if it is a wip project.



As an open question for someone has used the github api v4. Currently pro call I get maximum the last 100 issue for example. But If the github repo has 200 issues I was searching for a method to get the next 100. Etc I still don’t know how to do it currently

version 0.0.1 released , feel free to try it out :slight_smile: