Bling - Stripe subscription management for Phoenix

Bling gives you all of the tools needed to add recurring subscriptions with Stripe to your Phoenix applications.

It includes:

  • Ecto schemas for customers and subscriptions
    • Use any existing ecto schema like User or Team as a customer
  • Saving default payment methods to customers
  • Creating subscriptions
  • Multiple subscriptions per customer
  • Subscription quantities
  • Failed payment resolution page
  • + lots more! See the full list in the hexdocs readme

When I was working with Laravel every day we made extensive use of the Laravel Cashier package. I had been missing it while working on elixir products, so I decided to bring it over :slight_smile:



There’s a few things I want to add to it before pushing v1.0 such as metered billing and one-off charges, but it has most subscription functionality ready to go.

Forewarning the readme contains a link to a paid product that provides a complete UI on top of Bling, but Bling itself is open source and free to use as a headless subscription manager