Blockchain based cryptocurrency proof-of-concept

Hello all,

I started to learn Elixir on my free time at the beginning of this year. I read the entire “Getting Started” section on and then the Programming Phoenix book. While reading the book, I built a simple web app (switch). The goal of it is to perform HTTP redirects (a way to avoid configuring DNS, might be useful in some use cases, we use it at work :upside_down_face:).

But what I want to talk about in this topic is coincoin. It’s a cryptocurrency proof-of-concept that runs on a simple blockchain. As a new Elixir programmer I have plenty to learn, so it’s always interesting to have feedbacks from the community (already had a lot from @alchemist_ubi :+1:).

Let me know what you think


Just now getting the want to learn the fundamentals for blockchain, this is excellent! Thanks for publishing


Glad to hear it :blush: