Blockchain Projects using Elixir

Hi Guys,

we’re working ourselves on blockchain using Elixir and it just appeared to me that the number of Elixir based Blockchain projects I’m seeing is growing pretty quickly.

Notable mentions so far that I’ve seen:

  • Mana Ethereum: Full Blockchain Node in Elixir
  • Helium archived now since a couple of days though - but it seems they’re still doing other Erlang/Elixir work.
  • Aeternety they in fact have both an Elixir and an Erlang version
  • Blockscout - Blockchain browser for Ethereum networks

I would be curious what other projects you guys are aware of


Well @dominicletz, it’s interesting to see that back in 2019 you were digging about blockchain projects using erlang and elixir. Yes, that’s right æternity blockchain still using Erlang and Elixir and it would be great to see some support as well as collaboration from Erlang an Elixir developers. As a matter of fact we are pursuing to have a stronger and better developers community through our own stackexchange site.

I invite you and @everyone here to support it by committing here

It will be great to help the community with questions and answers but also to showcase how great software, lightning fast and scalable can be made with Erlang/Elixir.

Thanks in advance for the support and please, share it.

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