Blog Post: Created my Personal AI Fitness Trainer in 2 Days

In a 2 day spike, I created my own Elixir-based AI Personal Fitness Trainer! The surprising part for me was how useful and helpful I found it. It helps you create a weekly workout plan in line with your goals. Information about you is stored in a local SQLite database. Report on your workouts to your assistant and they log it for you. The assistant can access your stored information and historical workout logs to answer questions and help you on your personal fitness journey! :muscle: I put it all into the Elixir LangChain Demo project so you can run it locally yourself! Poke at the code, customize your own fitness trainer to work the way you want!

Here’s a write-up and overview of how it works along with links to the project.


This is really awesome. Is there maybe some way to summarize a chain like chat gpt does to bring down the total tokens used when having long conversations? I think that the tokens used are kind of compounding and is getting very expensive as the chat grows before its reset

As far as I’m aware, ChatGPT only recently started auto-summarizing conversations (aka threads) with their latest release of Assistants.

With the personal trainer, just hit refresh in your browser and it resets the conversation.

For other uses, a separate summarizing process/request could be performed to keep the token counts smaller.