Body Hacking - the next big thing in tech?

Bio-hacking / human augmentation seems to be becoming more and more popular - when you think of the possibilities, it almost seems inevitable.

Is this a field you have considered working in? Nerve’s powered implants, anyone?


Not as much body hacking, but I would really like to see more development in biotech in general.

My dream is to have some sort of bacteria that would eat dirt from my clothes so that I don’t have to wash them.


Funnily enough I have a fascination of the Microbiome - the micro-organisms that live in/on our bodies (did you know that 90% of the cells on/in a human body actually belong to microbes? Yup, only 10% of your cells are actually human!). I definitely see microbes playing a bigger role in human health in the future (it’s currently an emerging science).

With regards to body hacking, I think the first ‘big’ thing we’ll see is an implanted interface, quite possibly in the eye, along with a miniaturised computer/smart phone. Wouldn’t surprised me if the likes of Apple and Google are already working on it :101:


Even though I’ve always been fascinated by body mods in Sci-fi, I do not think I’d do much of them to my self.

If at all it were passive technology. Perhaps a NFC chip in the hand to easily unlock my smartphone, offices door lock, computers and stuff?

But it has to be invisible. I really do not like the current bodyhackery where the mods actually look like skin disease.

At the rate things progress in research, I do assume that my son and daughter will not only think different than me about this topic but I do also think, that thy will have some mods when they are at my age. Who knows what? “Inear” wireless headphones? Sub cutaneous SmartWatch?

One of my biggest pinpoints with this body hacking stuff is that you can’t just swap the batteries. You always have to go to a surgery. Even though you can’t change the batteries on most modern smartphones, you don’t pay much more than 50 euro for changing them (batteries extra), but it’ll probably be one or two thousand euro when you have in body stuff. And how do you want to charge them? Sleeping on a Qi Pad?

I do not think that actual biomods (bacteria or viruses) will be a thing in the next 100 years. Even though they might be technically possible earlier, I do think there will be very strict regulations then to avoid epidemic or pandemic spread of a malfunctioning “bodymod”.


I don’t want to ‘enhance’ my body, the human body sucks, what I want is to copy my brain to a computer and let it run free in virtual worlds of it’s own creation, have many copies of me executing in many different ways. :slight_smile:

Yes I love the Ra stories. ^.^

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I did enjoy watching Altered Carbon on Netflix. A lot of body hacking :robot: