Bolt sips driver times out

I have an app up and running just fine until a few database queries have passed. It then freaks out on me (lacking more precise terms).

I get the error message:

** (exit) exited in:<0.292.0>, {#Port<0.569>, “this is latest query”, %{}}, 15000)

Through the observer I can trace that back to my (Bolt.Sips) connector

What rises mys suspicion is that all six processes spawned by the bolt_sips_pool start out with two linked processes but this number grows to ~100 before it dies. They seem to be some kind of generic genserver that seem to become a few more for every query I make and then never die.

I am not very experienced in this kind of error tracking. Could anyone suggest where to go on from here?

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Uh, if this happens I’d recommend making a minimal reproducible test project and submit it to their bug tracker. o.O

Same as @OvermindDL1, please add an issue.
We’ll be pleased to fix it :slight_smile:


There has been a plot twist. It turns out that the answer was update your dependencies (dumbass)…

But great thanks for the open minded response :slight_smile:

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It happens :slight_smile:
Glad to read that everything went fine in the end.
Keep in touch with Bolt Sips, there were a lot of changes recently and florin is currently on a new major version to have the driver (finally) compliant with the Neo4j entreprise edition!

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