BoltSips, the Elixir driver for Neo4J is looking for maintainers

Hi there,

As you may have noticed, the BoltSips project - an Elixir driver for Neo4J - has been stalled for some time. The main reason for this is me.

I don’t have time to pursue neo4j anymore and besides, I don’t use it that much. neo4J is an exciting technology, I still remember spending many long nights and 2 whole vacations designing and building this driver, I don’t regret a second because I learned a lot and this project helped me to meet wonderful people - all of you :heart: All this effort and work was based only on passion, not gaining any monetary value or material advantages. This driver is free and completely independent from neo4j.

Eventually, I came back to focus on relational databases again, devoting a lot of attention and energy to PostgreSQL and SQLite and, of course, Elixir and Erlang.

Since I can no longer provide the level of support I used to, I’m relying on the community and on the users passionate for neo4j and Elixir, so I’m looking for new maintainers.

Thank you for your support and understanding,


I don’t know where dvassard is at. I’d work on it, as I told you.
Thank you for your work, and I apologize for the less than stellar contribution rate I’ve had for the past couple of years.
I’ve really appreciated your stewardship of the project and your openness to contributions/improvement.
Whatever you have under your sleeves open source wise, I’m sure it’ll be exciting.


Thank you for your very kind words @krstfk, and for supporting this driver!