Bonfire - A demo project for Phoenix LiveView and Event Sourcing

Hi everybody. I wanted to play a little with Event Sourcing. And I tried to build a demo web application: Bonfire reading, as well as to explore some interesting approaches to a delightful web application.


Some of the frameworks/libraries used:

Definitely it can be improved, and that’s exactly the reason why I put it here, to know better routes to a delightful web application. This is a learning project in the heart.

I’m also very honored to have @slashdotdash , the author of Commanded library itself, onboard and sharing his awesome book list on DDD.

Also grateful thanks to AppSignal for the sponsorship, I’ve been using AppSignal for years and this project benefits a lot from it too. It keeps me confident as always.

There’re still tasks on the road map and I believe it can be better with more attractive gaming experiences. I could publish it when it is perfect but I would like to gain feedback/suggestions earlier. And more importantly, I found myself lacking energy for moving forward while I’m the only active user… More users and feedbacks means a LOT :smile: .

Let me know what you think?


Seems like a neat project! I think you meant to include this link for the source code

Also, is the project open source? I didn’t see a license in the repository.

Yes, link updated. The project is open sourced under MIT license, gonna add it to the document. Thank you very much for the head up!


Thanks for sharing…

It will be interesting to check an actual use case of the CQRS pattern spotted in the wild…

I kinda read some stuff about ES/DDD and the like (the blue book) but never really found an actual useful real world code examples…

Is this project related to a project with a similar technology stack?