Bonfire social network review

Bonfire network is a federated social network written in elixir.

Official website:
Source code: Bonfire · GitHub
Bonfire milestones: Milestones - bonfire-networks/bonfire-app · GitHub
Bonfire blog: Bonfire
License: AGPL-3.0
Technical stack: Phoenix Framework, LiveView, Surface, Livebook, Meilisearch, Tailwind CSS, Alpine.js, Graphql, PostgreSQL, ActivityPub etc.
Join the chat: You're invited to talk on Matrix
Support the project: Bonfire - Open Collective
Related projects: Zappa project

Self-host your online community and shape your experience at the most granular level: add and remove features, change behaviours and appearance, tune, swap or turn off algorithms. You are in total control.

Empower your community with tools to perform social, economic and political activities. Create safe and private spaces, and connect with the fediverse on your own terms.

Bonfire has a modular architecture for building any social network. Extensions can include new sections in an existing page (e.g. a widget that shows one’s most used hashtags on a user’s profile page), whole new pages (e.g. a map page that shows me where my friends are located). They can use existing data from any extension (aggregating, transforming and filtering it to create meaningful and new information for the user), or new sets of information stored in the database.


Demo coming soon

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