Boyd's closing keynote - looking ahead to the next 10 years - how soon?

The Closing Keynote by @boydm from Elixir Conf 2016 seemed especially interesting to me, as he is looking ahead to the next 10 years. He brought up some very interesting points:

  • Nerves deployment to AWS (or Azure, Heroku, etc.)
  • Elixir/Erlang GUI/UX
  • FPGAs

Are these actual possibilities in the near-ish future? I’ve certainly wondered about the Nerves general deployment, but I haven’t gotten to the point of playing with Nerves yet (only research still). I’ve also previously thought something similar about a GUI process workflow that he mentioned, but I vaguely recollect reading that the BEAM is not optimized for UI stuff. And I have no idea about FPGAs, but in my Nerves research for ibgib, I’ve also been considering security and I wonder how this would be implemented as he mentioned.

Overall, I personally loved his talk though…all of these videos have been absolutely excellent! (fav though is probably still the GenStage + Flow…that visual at 40:00 I mentioned is just awesome).


I watched this the other day and have to agree that it was very inspiring :003: well done @boydm on a fantastic talk :023:


That was my favorite talk of the conference too! He made everyone feel smart just for being involved in the Elixir community. And I got to ride to the airport with Boyd the next morning :slight_smile: