Brainstorming: ways to use Elixir in a Rails app

I want to do as much coding in Elixir as possible, even when extending my Rails app. :slight_smile: Does anyone have any good interop stories?

The Rails app is the front-end presenting the results of an ETL process. (Publishing laws online.) I’ve been using the strategy of slowly moving functions away from it when I can and introducing JSON or HTTP interfaces. I’m wondering if there’s something in-process and tighter and faster that’s possible for calling Elixir code.

Another idea is to create a CLI elixir app which performs parsing and formatting functions — and I can shell out to it from my Rake import tasks. That’s a little sub-optimal both in speed and coding, but time isn’t a big priority in these tasks. I’m thinking I could make a Ruby wrapper around the Elixir CLI invocation to check the Unix exit code and convert to exceptions…


you can do reverse proxy with either rails or elixir in front…

personally on one of my projects the frontend goes against phoenix, and part of the backend has been migrated to phoenix… and the old legacy rails legacy backend is still hanging around for the rest…


Perhaps you can use for background jobs and then to process them in Elixir?