Bug tracker for Elixir

Do we have some bug tracking system (aka bug tracker) for Elixir, where we can readily find which bugs affect which releases, including the known issues affecting the most recent release or even the master?

The GitHub issues does not enable version based queries and issues are sometimes closed prior to the bug fix being in master, e.g., --warnings-as-errors exits with a zero exit code (it should exit with a non-zero exit code) · Issue #10073 · elixir-lang/elixir.

Example of such tool: List of issues - Python tracker. It would be useful for individual/companies deciding target Elixir and Erlang/OTP versions to migrate in contexts where stability is paramount, but also for aggregate data analysis.

I am aware that “Elixir applies bug fixes only to the latest minor branch. Security patches are available for the last 5 minor branches” (source), which favors the last minor, but it would be interesting to knowing the known issues and expected fix date, if any, before deciding.