Build Your Own Web Framework in Elixir (Self-published / Packt)

New book from Packt publication that goes into teaching how to write a web framework using Elixir.

About this book

Elixir’s functional nature and metaprogramming capabilities make it an ideal language for building web frameworks, with Phoenix being the most ubiquitous framework in the Elixir ecosystem and a popular choice for companies seeking scalable web-based products. With an ever-increasing demand for Elixir engineers, developers can accelerate their careers by learning Elixir and the Phoenix web framework. With Build Your Own Web Framework in Elixir, you’ll start by exploring the fundamental concepts of web development using Elixir. You’ll learn how to build a robust web server and create a router to direct incoming requests to the correct controller. Then, you’ll learn to dispatch requests to controllers to respond with clean, semantic HTML, and explore the power of Domain-Specific Languages (DSL) and metaprogramming in Elixir. You’ll develop a deep understanding of Elixir’s unique syntax and semantics, allowing you to optimize your code for performance and maintainability. Finally, you’ll discover how to effectively test each component of your application for accuracy and performance. By the end of this book, you’ll have a thorough understanding of how Elixir components are implemented within Phoenix, and how to leverage its powerful features to build robust web applications.

Part 1: Web Server Fundamentals]
Chapter 1: Introducing the Cowboy Web Server
Chapter 2: Building an HTTP Server in Elixir

Part 2: Router, Controller, and View
Chapter 3: Defining Web Application Specifications Using Plug
Chapter 4: Working with Controllers
Chapter 5: Adding Controller Plugs and Action Fallback
Chapter 6: Working with HTML and Embedded Elixir
Chapter 7: Working with Views

Part 3: DSL Design
Chapter 8: Metaprogramming – Code That Writes Code
Chapter 9: Controller and View DSL
Chapter 10: Building the Router DSL


Anyone read the book? Any opinion?

I saw @whatyouhide is writing a book on Network Programming in Elixir. Not sure how that is going to be different from this book or when it’s coming out.



My book is going to be lower-level than this one. I’m not focusing on the web, but lower-level protocols in general.


It would be great to see what kind of approach you took, as currently if you want to go beyond a simple library, you go to the wildlands of macros, DSLs and dark magic.

Eagerly waiting for the book to come out. Thanks!

early buyer here… let us know when it’s possible.