Building a Framework - Membrane's Journey to 1.0 by Mateusz Front | ElixirConf EU 2023

Code Sync: Building a Framework - Membrane’s Journey to 1.0 by Mateusz Front | ElixirConf EU 2023

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Oh, good to see it (finally) published :wink: Since it’s been a while and the talk has become quite outdated, let me recall what’s changed since then:

  • membrane_core v1.0 was released in October '23. The first release candidate for v1.1 is coming in April :wink:
  • Membrane Gigachad worked out :muscle: and became membrane_sdk. It has most of the Membrane packages in it, and with each release, we make sure that the plugins are compatible and update all examples. Speaking of releases, expect v0.2, also next month.
  • I kept the promise and published the honk example :smiley: Moreover, today I could probably run it quickly on any Linux or Mac, thanks to bundlex precompiled. I’d only need to install Livebook.

Have a nice watch :wink: