Building a Programming Language in Elixir

Hey all! I’m about to start building a language in Elixir just for fun / learning purposes, and thought I’d make a post here in case:

  1. Anyone wants to work on this with me (I’m super open to ideas)
  2. Anyone has a reference to an existing language built in elixir

I tried looking for languages that are built with elixir and couldn’t find anything so it seems like this would be the first project to do so.

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@OvermindDL1 is your hero for such a project. :wink:

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Might be somewhat relevant:

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You should check out the awesome stuff @arjan is building:


Yes, unfortunately Bubblescript is not open source… it is the core of our platform. But I’m still convincing my cofounders to release it and as soon as we have a viable way of opensourcing it, we will.


Oh I also, for fun, and to get experience with nimble_parsec, I recently toyed with creating a parser for Emacs lisp, though it is only a parser for now, not an entire language, yet.

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Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I’ve created a Telegram group for the project here.

Update: If anyone wants to follow along with development or contribute, the public repo for the project is here.