Building an alternative to for elixir?

Hi everyone!

I’ve used and I the feature I think sets it apart is the fact that it gives you a set of projects you can build in order to advance in your skills, for example, the third project builds on top of the second and the second on top of the first project. So you feel like you’re making progress. I think with the great learning resources we have, it would be a great way to increase adoption.

I was thinking we could build a great resource with projects that follow a roadmap for people getting into the elixir ecosystem, For me personally it’s hard to know beforehand how easy or hard would be to build something in specific, in that sense a roadmap helps as they follow a natural progression, this means people could pick up a project that matches their desired difficulty/experience

p.s: I’m not saying everyone should build the same things but when it comes to learning something new it has its advantages