Building Formula - A nocode tool, reducing time-to-market

I am building a nocode tool. :nut_and_bolt::wrench::gear:

non-programmer can Visually, just drag and drop to build the UI.
Specify the workflow sequence steps.
Dynamic data functionality.

yes, all those features that a modern app needs.
easily configure the functionality like accept :credit_card: online payment, :spiral_calendar: calendar, import, forms, flow, attachment uploads :paperclip:, messages :speech_balloon: etc.
webapp :globe_with_meridians:, then mobile :iphone:. low-code / no-code

As name suggests, just specify the formula/algorithm and quickly build tool.

spent a few months researching and still working on it.

Tech stack
extensive use of Phoenix LiveView.
CQRS / event sourcing with Commanded library.
graphDB (possibly)

I have seen a few similar tools solving what problems.
Recently, Few of them have raised a few $M last week.

I am considering to raise a seed funding and hire more devs and marketing.
If you are interested in funding or know anyone who can help funding, please help me introduce…

If you have any recommendations for the tool, feel free to message me directly and say Hi.
I am on twitter as @ iamsandeshsoni.
Any question, I can be reached on email hello @ sandesh soni dot com

Have a good day. :slight_smile:


A couple of things:

quote from (this is the creator of Camunda BPM which is open source)



I’d be interested if you show us the beginnings of it in a GitHub repo one day.