By any chance, does someone have a script to rename a whole phoenix project?

I think basically the script will rename all occurences of AppName by NewAppName, app_name by new_app_name inside the content of the project files. Then also rename all files having app_name in their name by new_app_name. There may be other things I’m not aware of…


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Have you looked at:

I haven’t used it personally but it looks like it does what you want. Another thing I sometimes do is run the phoenix generators for the new project name and then copy over the resulting files.


Thanks I just tested it and it worked fine for me. ^^

Just a note for others that may be interrested.
For umbrella project I had to add the package in the umbrella dependencies and also in the child app to be renamed dependencies.

Then I run the mix task first at the root of the umbrella project:

mix rename OldAppName NewAppName old_app_otp new_app_top

before running it again at the root of the child app.