Shutdown: Source Code Released

Looks like Bytepack has been taken offline and the source code released. Searching for on Google indicates to me that it never really gained traction. (Based solely off of the little engagement of postings about the website on Hacker News and Reddit.)

Bytepack was a Dashbit product – so it came from core community members (including José).

Here was the “Why Bytepack?” section from the site for those not familiar with the project:

If you are a developer who wants to build tooling and infrastructure products for developers and software companies, your main options today are mobile/desktop applications or writing your own Software as a Service (SaaS). Those options come with their own set of technical challenges and operational complexities. Other times, a GUI or a SaaS are at the wrong level of abstraction too.

Our goal with Bytepack is to provide new ways for delivering software products, via your package and deployment tooling of choice (Elixir’s Hex, Node’s npm, Ruby’s Rubygems, Docker Images, etc.).

If you have a brand new idea for developer tooling or you are already working on infrastructure software, Bytepack can help you package, sell, and deliver it directly to your customers. We take care of packaging hosting and versioning, managing licenses and subscriptions, emitting invoices, global tax compliance, and more. You focus on doing what you love: creating software.

Though the idea never really took off, it’s cool they released the source code. It may be worth taking a look over to get ideas of how to structure your own Elixir projects.

The project’s source code:

An archive of the website on Wayback Machine:

Here’s a Dashbit article about LiveView showcasing Bytepack:

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José Valim tweeted about it:

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oh damn, I was hoping to use this service to distribute software someday.

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You beat me to sharing the link. Just found the announcement myself.

José said the main reason they’re no longer pursuing the project is because they want to focus on OSS:

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Hey all, I am picking up where BytePack left off, with Code Code Ship.


Wow this seems like a great idea, maybe it was too ahead of it’s time.

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