Caching issue when compiling for Windows with Burrito

I’ve got a super basic mix new app that prints the args from Burrito.Util.Args.get_arguments() and calls System.halt(0). That works fine. However! It seems like something is being cached somewhere because if I add or change the print statement, I see the change when running ./burrito_out/carne_asada_macos, but if I run the .exe version I still see the original message.

Here’s my build script:

rm -rf /Users/marc/Library/Application\ Support/.burrito/
rm -rf burrito_out/
rm -rf _build/
MIX_ENV=prod mix release --overwrite

Here are the debugging steps I’ve tried:
Running it with wine64 burrito_out/carne_asada_windows.exe
Running it on a Windows VM via Parallels
Running it on an actual Windows machine

Anyone run into this or have other ideas to try?

Compiling on MacOS Sonoma (update: I tried compiling in a Linux VM and see the same behavior)
elixir 1.14.4-otp-25
erlang 25.3
burrito from github main: {:burrito, github: "burrito-elixir/burrito"}

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