Call for code

Commit to the Cause. Push for Change. Answer the Call.

Developers have revolutionized the way people live and interact with virtually everyone and everything. Where most people see challenges, developers see possibilities. That’s why David Clark Cause is launching Call for Code alongside Founding Partner IBM. This multi-year global initiative is a rallying cry to developers to use their skills and mastery of the latest technologies, and to create new ones, to drive positive and long-lasting change across the world with their code. The inaugural Call for Code Challenge theme is Natural Disaster Preparedness and Relief.

For 2018, the Call for Code Global Challenge asks developers to create solutions that significantly improve preparedness for natural disasters and relief when they hit. This competition is the first of its kind at this scale, encouraging developers who want to pay their skills forward for a specific mission to alleviate human suffering.

I thought it sounded cool at first but here is an entry from their FAQ:

Do participants need to use IBM products services to win?
Yes. Usage of five or more IBM Cloud services, including open-source services that are provided and run on IBM cloud is a prerequisite to eligibility


Also, here are “recommended IBM Code Patterns […] to kickstart your submission”:
Maybe this is some kind of satire?


Yes I think IBM wants to promote its cloud …

The winner of the inaugural Call for Code Global Award will receive:

The Call for Code Global Award presented by a jury of eminent technologists at the Call for Code Award Event.

A $200,000 USD cash prize.