Can Absinthe and Dgraph be used together?

I working on an app that will be using Absinthe to provide a GraphQL API. I’m also looking at using Dgraph, whose query language (DQL) is an adaptation of GraphQL.
This leads me to wonder whether Absinthe and Dgraph can be used together. Can anyone offer a clue?


I used to be a fan of Dgraph.

DQL is an adaptation, and has a lot more syntax wise, that deviates from the official GraphQL spec. Upserts and other features, that are not quite possible with GraphQL, are possible with DQL.

So I doubt any standard GraphQL specific library can do it.

Dgraph’s GraphQL API however is fair game:

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@Rich_Morin I am working on an App and am considering using DGraph. What did you land up doing?

TBH, I haven’t pursued it further. Please post info if you find out anything useful.


sure. will do.