Can anyone help set up a production deployment setup to AWS for an Elixir/Liveview project?


Is there anyone here who might want to help me set up a production deployment on AWS for an elixir project? (This can be a paid consulting gig if you have had experience doing it and can set it up for me!)

I have an Elixir Liveview / Postgres project that is currently on Gigalixir on GCP. Gigalixir has been great (and I strongly recommend it!) but the project has grown to the point where we should probably be setting it up separately in AWS to have more refined information/controls, better manage costs, better security, etc.

Abilities I want:

  • Easily push new releases (via cli command or some other button press)
  • Deploy starts new server and waits until new server is up successfully before shutting down old server
  • Ability to potentially scale to multiple nodes
  • Ability to run remote console and obviously db:migrate
  • Ability to use Aurora or other DB where I can see DB logs
  • Ability to IP block scrapers :slight_smile:
  • Ability to set environment variables
  • Ideally not do a docker deploy on my dev machine (if possible, so that others can deploy).
  • Not require a ton of maintenance :slight_smile:

I have had a little experience in AWS with previous companies but this goes beyond me.

Is this something that Elastic Beanstalk can do or am I better rolling my own? Is there good documentation on how to do this?

Alternatively if you or someone you know might be a good fit for setting this up as a consulting gig, please reply or message me.