Can ash_authentication Strategy.Password be modified

Hi, I know this question fits specifically into the Ash Forum category, but unfortunately, I can’t open new topics there, maybe because my account is brand new.

I was trying to wrap my head around Ash and ash_authentication and got stuck with this thing for a week. I was hoping someone could guide me in the right direction.

I have my basic ash_authentication user resource and have added attribute :trust_level, which would need to be set internally:

attributes do
	uuid_primary_key :id
	attribute :email, :ci_string, allow_nil?: false
	attribute :hashed_password, :string, allow_nil?: false, sensitive?: true
	attribute :trust_level, :integer, allow_nil?: false

I’m using the default setup with AshAuthentication.Strategy.Password to get the password registration working:

strategies do
  password :password do
    identity_field :email
    register_action_accept([:username, :trust_level])

    resettable do
      sender Testcourse.Accounts.User.Senders.SendPasswordResetEmail

I know I could set the :trust_level attribute by creating a new create action and using change set_attribute(:trust_level, get_trust_level), but I’m hesitant to create a new create action to create new users because AshAuthentication.Strategy.Password already provides the action register_with_password.

My question is, is it possible to add set_attribute(:trust_level, get_trust_level) to the already existent register_with_password action, or achieve a similar outcome another way? I found that there is a callback function transform in the AshAuthentication.Strategy.Password module, but I wasn’t able to understand how it works or how I could use it. I’m very new to the Elixir and Ash framework, and I’m still getting my head around the basics.

Thanks for any help.

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Hello and welcome, I changed the category topic as requested

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Yes, you can do this using the global changes block, which applies a change to all actions (except :destroy actions by default)

changes do
  change SetTrustLevel, where: [action_is(:register_with_password)]

Thank you Zach for the quick response, that was exactly what I was looking for.


Thank you Zach and edgars for your question, this is exactly what I was looking for too!