Can I host Mnesia database on Gigalixir?

Can I host Mnesia database on Gigalixir, please?

The Gigalixir docs say the disk is ephemeral and thus wiped every 24 hours. So is there some meaningful way to save the files elsewhere, without having a separate database instance somewhere? That would kinda defeat the purpose and benefit of Mnesia.

I have a tiny hobby project on postgres running on Gigalixir and I’m thinking of switching it to Mnesia, mainly for my personal learning purposes.

Thank you.

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Gigalixir doesn’t restart every 24 hours any more. But it – and the resulting disk wipe – does happen occasionally. They’re fine with you running Mnesia, as long as you don’t mind possibly losing data whenever a restart does happen.


well, what if I do mind losing data? :smiley: no way to use Mnesia on Gigalixir?

Gigalixir/Heroku provide “app servers” rather than general purpose servers and they’re just not built for retaining runtime data, which mnesia is. So yes, if you don’t want to loose that data you need another host.

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OK, thank you.