Can I Install elixir on Ubuntu Server 20.04 with a armhf architecture?

I want to run an api on my raspberry pi 3b which I created using Elixir & Phoenix. The first step to install elixir onto Ubuntu is to add the erlang-solutions repo key, but there doesn’t seem to be release that supports Ubuntu on an armhf architecture (atleast I think so).

Is it possible to install it on my machine?
If no; I’ve already looked into using docker and this seems like a neat alternative, any other suggestions perhaps?

I followed the official elixir installation guide: Installing Elixir - The Elixir programming language
Erlang-solutions packages: Index of debian/dists/focal

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You’re looking for apt package(s) solution, I presume?

Can’t help you there, but have you tried installing Erlang + Elixir with asdf?

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You should checkout Nerves if you want to run on an SBC.