Can I link to modules via alternate text in hex docs?

I am writing documentation, and am referencing modules with names like NYSETL.Engines.E1.Cache. I don’t mind writing the full names in Markdown, but I’d like them to display via shorter names in the rendered HTML. For example, I’m writing a section about NYSETL.Engines.E1, so I’d like to display the name E1.Cache or maybe even just Cache.

Is there any way to do that? One thing that came to mind was [E1.Cache](NYSETL.Engines.E1.Cache) so I could set target module independently of the link text, but it doesn’t work.

To get more concrete, I’d like to write this doc:

`NYSETL.Engines.E1.Supervisor` starts two children: `NYSETL.Engines.E1.State`,
which keeps track of the main process's progress, and `NYSETL.Engines.E1.Broadway`

and get back something like:

E1.Supervisor starts two children: E1.State, which keeps track of the main process’s progress, and E1.Broadway

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Yes, put it between backticks: