Can I somehow proxy a download from another server without saving the contents?

I have a problem where I get a download link from a third party server and display it in a page. The link is using http and there is no https version of that link. This leads to problems in Chrome as version 87 started blocking the content.

Is there any way to proxy this download on the backend? I’m thinking that maybe it would be possible that when I get the link from the 3rd party, instead of putting it into the UI to put a local link and somehow allow the user to download the contents of that 3rd party link.

I know that this issue would just go away if the 3rd party would upgrade to using https but that might take longer than implementing a workaround.

I also know that I could solve this by downloading the contents on the server and providing a local link BUT, I’m trying to avoid this because the files might be quite large.

So, is there a way to proxy the content from the unsafe link to the UI through some kind of phoenix endpoint?

Never mind, it looks like I needed to find out about this library: