Can I use elixir for learning Bitcoin (as backend)

Build a NoSQL DB, Build a Relational SQL Database, Build a Graph Database, Build a File System, Build a Bitcoin Transaction, Train an AI, Use Java, Use C#, Use Ruby, Use Python, Use PHP, Use C++, Use Go…

Do whatever you want, with whichever programming language you want.

I am asking here because they (on slack) unlikely to be familiar with elixir.


You might see this post


Thanks for the mention @kokolegorille! Looking through my backlogs, it looks like I’ve actually written (a surprising) 19 posts about working with Bitcoin and Elixir.

My Bitcoin projects have been on hold lately, but I’ve been getting the itch again. I might pick them up soon. Elixir + Bitcoin has been nothing but pleasant to work with. Throwing LiveView into the mix might lead to some interesting browser-based projects.