Can LiveView push_event send only the latest event

Thanks to the awesome community we have here.

I have created a VueJs component using phx-hook. I have also used phx-update=“ignore” on the same component. The idea is to handle the user interaction using vuejs and exchange data using liveview. It works fine but there is an important issue.
When i am initialising the component in the update method of the live_component i do this

     push_event(socket, "table_data_init", %{
       columns: cols,
       rows: rs,
       data: data,
       block_id: block_id,
       members: socket.assigns.members,
       doc_members: socket.assigns.doc_members

In the hook I am listening to these events like so -

    this.handleEvent("table_data_init", (data) => {
      vue_table['b' + data.block_id].data = data
    this.handleEvent("table_data_updated", (payload) => {
      let new_data =
      let data = vue_table['b' + new_data.block_id].data
      if (data.rows){
        data.rows = => {
          if( == new_data.row_id){
            r.modified_by = new_data.user_id
          return r

        let dp = => d.table_column_id == new_data.col_id && d.table_row_id == new_data.row_id)
        if(dp.length == 1){
 = => {
            if(d.table_column_id == new_data.col_id && d.table_row_id == new_data.row_id){
              d.value = new_data.value
            return d
          let d = {
            table_column_id: new_data.col_id,
            table_row_id: new_data.row_id,
            value: new_data.value
          let x = [, d]
 = x
    this.handleEvent("table_columns_updated", ({columns, block_id}) => {
      vue_table['b' + block_id].data.columns = columns;
    this.handleEvent("table_column_deleted", ({columns, data, block_id}) => {
      vue_table['b' + block_id].data.columns = columns;
      vue_table['b' + block_id] = data;
    this.handleEvent("new_table_row_added", ({rows, block_id}) => {
      vue_table['b' + block_id].data.rows = rows;
      vue_table['b' + block_id].current_page = vue_table['b' + block_id].total_pages 

Now the problem is when I make first request to liveview from the vuejs component using the hook -

this.pushEventTo(target, "event_name", {data: data})

I get a response from liveview which has 2 event calls, the table_data_init and the new one table_data_updated.

If i send another event from the vuejs component, I get reply from liveview which has 3 events. Like so -

This keeps repeating. So for 10th event I get a reply with 11 events and so on.

Can I prevent this? Can we make live_view send only the latest event and not all the events during the editing session?

Any help would be deeply appreciated.
Thanks to the community once again.

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It is a bug. I found the root cause looking at the code, I will push a fix soon.


Many thanks!!

Fixed in master!


Thats crazy fast. Thank you so much @josevalim. You are fantastic.

I got the same issue, thanks for fix, it helped to save a lot of time and I thought I am crazy. Couple of weeks ago I tried to implement toasts notifications and each new toast added additional one… I decided to postpone this job and now I see what was a reason.