can/should the rel/ directory be checked into git?

Hey team,

I’m new-ish to Phoenix (v1.6, LiveView 0.17) and really enjoying it so far.

I’m deploying to according to the online guides. One thing that happens (as part of the release step) is that there’s a rel/ directory created, which in my case includes:


It’s all working well, however my question is about whether I should check these files into git or not. There’s some config-y stuff in there, but nothing secret afaict (and the release mix task doesn’t add rel/ to .gitignore or anything, so it seems like it’d be ok (and even good) to check it in. But it doesn’t seem to be mentioned in the guide, so I thought I’d check what others are doing.

Yes you should, these are important config files that definitely need to be put in version control.