Can we display markdown cells in deployed app?

I think this is a quick question, but checking to see if it’s possible to have Markdown cells display in a deployed Livebook app. I didn’t see an obvious way to do it. I infer from an older post that only Kino sections will display, but I’m checking here to see if there is something I’ve missed.

Okay, while typing this up and reading what I wrote, I realized what I needed to do, even before posting. Leaving this here in case anyone else has a similar question.

Answer: Don’t use a Markdown cell, add an Elixir cell with“”" Your markdown here “”“”) and voila’, it appears.


Is there a reason for why the Markdown smart cell do not appear in deployed livebooks?

I was bit by this now.

Yes. Straight Markdown cells won’t appear in a deployed app. However, if you wrap Markdown in a Kino.Markdown call (in an Elixir cell), it will appear in a published app. My understanding is that if you want something to appear in a published app, you will need to call it from a Kino library.

I hope that helps.

Quick example to put in an Elixir cell after calling
Mix.install([ {:kino, "~> 0.9.4"} }]"""
### Announcement

Here is a some markdown that will appear when you publish an app.