Can we solve the tailwind-interpolation-problem with a macro?

tailwind will go through your files and find classes using a RE.
So you can’t interpolate tailwind classes.

<div class={"w-#{@foo}"}> <!-- DOES NOT WORK -->

You have to

<div class={[
  @foo==1 && "w-1",
  @foo==2 && "w-2",
  @foo==96 && "w-96"]}>

(or use @style)

How about a heex macro tailwind (and an accompanying attr type which gives all possible values)

attr :foo, :tailwind, range: [1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 24, 96]
<div class={[tailwind("w-#{@foo}"), "other classes ..."]}>

or maybe sth like this using a sigil

<div class={[~t"w-#{@foo}", "other classes ..."]}>

all tailwind macros could compile to an extra file (which is listed in tailwind.config to get parsed by the tailwind preprocessor)

# tailwind.lst
w-1, w-2, w-3, w-4, w-10, w-24, w-96